WS #004: Anini-y Church in Antique

Anini-y is one of the towns of Antique. We went there on the 26th of February 2008 to see the Anini-y Church. Built by Agustinian in 1630-1638, it is the only preserved colonial church in Antique.

We went inside the utterly quiet church and said our prayers.

Behind the church is the awesome beach. For more information about Antique as a heritage site, click here.

To see more Weekenders, visit this site. HAVE A GREAT WEEK TO ALL!



  1. what a lovely place! I know I’ve got some cousins there, but haven’t had the chance to visit them … yet. 🙂
    happy WS

    It is a place, Myla. Since you have relatives there, why not get in touch with them and see the place. If not soon, maybe in the future. 🙂

  2. I love old churches. The sense of history that they carry is really quite overwhelming. And that beach…that’s the way I like it…deserted and very serene 🙂

    Happy WS!

    This church has a classic sense of history. It is the center of the town’s universe. The beach looks deserted but there are actually some kids enjoying the water. Happy WS, too! 🙂

  3. anini-y..bago sa pandinig ko yun ah..ganun tlg spelling? ang cool nman beach na sa likod…

    Bago rin sa pandinig ko yon, kabayan. Yun talaga ang spelling, ang pronunciation ng ‘y’ ay ‘e’ as in eagle. Cool talaga ang beach. Kung pwede nga lang, maligo pagkatapos bumisita sa church eh.

  4. Rustic! I somehow like old churches. They radiate of history, of peoples faith, of peoples hope and dreams.

    The sea that serves as background made it even more meaningful. Do you think it has a bell?

    very nice picture Jules! happy WS!

    Centuries old churches are part of our country’s colonial history. When we seized to be a colony, most of our countrymen chose to retain the kind of religion brought by the colonizers for a lot of reasons. Old churches remind us that power will rise and fall but faith will remain.

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