Purpose Driven Shopping

I went to SM City-Dasmarinas to pay a bill and buy some important stuff. As I’ve been doing before, I thought of dropping by BOOKSALE.

Before reaching the book shop, I promised myself that I’ll get just one book preferrably by John Grisham or Stephen King. But when I got there, my plan simply vanished into thin and I ended up getting these:

Last night I read an article about Toni Morrison and upon seeing Paradise I didn’t think twice in buying it. For how much? Php 45.00!! Its unread, in good condition, hardbound with dust jacket.

Since Uno and Jed learned to say the word “book”, I always look something for them. For Jed, a nursery rhyme ‘board book’ featuring The Eensy Weensy Spider with stylish holes in every page and another Curious George for Uno. Too early for a comic book? I don’t think so. Uno is attracted to different reading materials including Jollibee ads so why not a Spiderman comic book? The boys fell asleep with those reading matters beside them. Bed time stories will continue tomorrow.

Oh, the other important stuff is one of these:

By the time I was done with my shopping, i was carrying six bags, the box of the potty trainer plus my backpack. Fortunately, a good looking SM trainee [with emphasis on good looking] assisted me in carrying the bags until I reached the exit of the mall. While we were walking I thought of striking a conversation but he to be in a deep thought. I just thanked him afterwards and he went on his way back to the supermarket. 🙂



  1. I sometimes try to ignore a Booksale shop because I usually end up buying books I didn’t plan on getting. You can actually get some pretty good bargains in there. By the way, that is where I get back issues of Vanity Fair.


    Hi Senor Enrique! Sometimes its hard to resist from buying because their books are not just affordable, but a good find as well. I’m not much into magazine but the last one I got from Booksale was Rolling Stone’s 40th Anniversary Issue. The articles blew me away!

    Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Wow, i love shopping! 🙂

    Looks like you just added more to your stack of to be read books! I do refrain from bookstores until i get to my last 2 unread ones. Right now i still have about 6.

    Sana you asked ” A penny for your thoughts”? lol— old school i know! Corny talaga ako eh! buti nalang naging babae!


    You’re right, two more books are added! Book buying is like a therapy to me. Good thing there’s Booksale!

    Thanks for the advice! i”ll keep that in mind for the next trip to SM!

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