The Goodness of a Friend

I received some interesting MD text messages and emails from friends. But there’s one given to me, or should I say written for me, by a friend who is also a mother herself. It’s an unexpected and wonderful way of remembering me in such a special occasion.

We talked about something this morning and what she told me was equally wonderful as the poem that she has written.

To my dear friend, thank you so much. Even if I say a million THANK YOUs, I know it won’t be enough to express my gratitude for your friendship and for being around every time I’m out of my senses. Though there is a distance between us and we are constantly bombarded by things that are happening around us, I am certain that you are just a click away. To listen, to share some dreams, to laugh and cry with me, to walk along with me in the journey called life…

True friends are like mornings, you can’t have them the whole day, but you can be sure, they will be there when you wake up tomorrow, next year and forever.




  1. Nakakaiyak naman. I almost shed a tear. I especially like the quote. even though I have some negative experiences about friends i still do believe that friends are blessings.

    You are welcome Jules. You deserve every praise and recognition together with all the teachers in the world, for you are a mother twice. You are a step above us.

    I can say more and i will not run out of good things to say. That is the truth…continue your goodness for it will make you soar.

  2. You were a teacher too, Em! And unlike me, you once dealt with professionals who were to handle some very sensitive positions. Why did I forget to mention it? Now I have a reason to draft an entry with a photo of some good looking guys with their pretty instructor 🙂

    As for negative experiences about friends, I have them too. Friends are not created equal and we are lucky to have friends that are blessings to our lives.

  3. LOL! That was different. Those students were all old enough to not need a second mother…LOL. I am merely supplementing their knowledge and at their age, their character and values are pretty much molded already (can’t do anything much about that).

    Elementary teachers get the chance to influence a childs character or the values that he/she will have in the future. That is a very heavy responsibility but if you suceed, it’s an accomplishment of the highest order.

    Don’t worry…if I get a second go in life, i will be an elementary teacher. 🙂 you can be my co-teacher!

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