Greenbelt: Mall Alone 2.0

‘Luntiang sinturon’ is the literal Filipino translation of the word greenbelt. But if you’re in a malling mode, Greenbelt means only one thing: a place to see and to enjoy. Last Tuesday, I was there, not to shop and dine but for a photo gig. Why? Just to update a friend who used to visit the place.

I uploaded all the 46 photos in my flickr account but for this entry, I chose only ten. Not enough. Fifteen, still not enough. So for this today’s entry, I’ve got twenty five photos! I thought of writing a series, but what the heck, put them all at once and enjoy. I also thought of dividing the photos to indoor, outdoor and something in between but there are some overlapping shots and I just dropped it. Okay, its a lousy excuse for being blogilly lazy. 🙂 I still have four more photos in my cellphone but for some strange reason, I cannot upload them unlike the others. My digicam turned lowbat when I was there so I used my cellphone for at least 15 shots.

The main entrance from the elevated catwalk going to Landmark

A quiet place for weary souls… Sto. Niño de Paz Chapel

Haw-haw de karabaw de Batuten

May halimaw kaya sa mga banga?

This artistic direction post is right in front of the Greenbelt 5 entance

The bridge, the frogs and the still water

My favorites! The butcher, the baker and the candle stick maker

Fishpond infront of the GB 4 entrance

Quiet.. A fishy meeting is going on

Excuse me… but i have a photo shoot to finish

A lone waiter not waiting for something

Five knights waiting for King Arthur

I wonder lonely as an escalator rider

Wanna taste these fruits?

I was tempted to wash my hands in this fountain

View from the third level going to the theaters

This is a dining area for Fuzion, a hip bar

There are several bars and restaurant in the area and I lost count of them. These three caught my attention simply because of their names.

Do they really serve their dishes in a banana leaf?

A haiku for Haiku..

Can you serve a verse?

While waiting for a cold drink

And my breezy dream?

This is a vodka bar that I’d like to try sometime.. Sino kayang magti-treat sa ‘kin dito?

For the culturally inclined shopper, this is a must destination

After the photo gig, I went to Landmark to buy some summer stuff for Uno and Jed. I was glad to find all that I needed under one roof. On my way out I passed by Glorietta and decided to have cup of coffee. The coffee shops overlooking the activity area were full so I went to the fourth floor. And there I found a perfect place to rest. I didn’t get a cup of coffee but something else. The barista said its one of their best summer offering. He didn’t disappoint me.

To answer the question written on the table: I’m just a bit tired after my Greenbelt gig..

NOTE: has a new dashboard interface and many users are newbie including me. I couldn’t link my flickr files to the images so I ended up uploading the pictures here which took me a thousand years to do!

I know I’m not alone… and its the joy of blogging. 🙂 Plus the fact that somewhere, someone will reminisce about Greenbelt and will dream of coming home. 😉



  1. WOW! Those were great pictures!! Nakaka home sick talaga! maraming pinagbago. Yung chapel lang ang natatandaan ko na ganyan parin. Everything looks like a park!

    And all the restaurants and bars looks so inviting. If i were there, i might have tried each one at least once!

    Hayaan mo, just wait until i can visit home. I am so gonna be so busy going anywhere and everywhere!! I hope two weeks is enough!

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures Jules! If only Canada can hire pinoys to decorate their malls!

  2. wow, ganda ng theme mo… heheh, cool may pictures ka rin ba ng mga architecture jan? post ka ha.. anyway can i exchange links with you? thanks.. i’ll be back tonight need to go to work today… heheh, and i guess it’ll be fun joining the bisdak community… see you..

    Hi! Ang mga pics ko yung naka-post lang plus yung nasa flickr. Salamat sa pagbisita!

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