Anne Tyler’s Ladder of Years

I finally finished Anne Tyler‘s Ladder of Years after almost two months. I was slow with this book because it is literally a slow-paced book. What attracted me to this book was the main character, Delia “who feels like a tiny gnat buzzing around her family’s edges.”

Cathleen Schine wrote a thorough review while Lee Lawton gave her two-paragraph plus one sentence analysis. I looked for these two reviews after reading the book and they both appealed to me. Really.


Almost everybody here had run away from someplace else, or been run away from.

Oh, why wasn’t there an etiquette book for runaway wives?

See, I’ve always pictured life as one of those ladders you find on sliding boards-a sort of ladder of years where you climb higher and higher and then oops!, you fall over the edge and other move up behind you.

Oh, the otherness of Delia’s children never failed to entrance her! She considered it a sort of bonus gift-a means of experiencing, up close, an entirely opposite way of being.


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