The Warrior is a Child



  1. A very poignant song Jules. It touches the child in all of us. I guess that is what the very essence of being a human. No matter how strong our façade seemed to be, deep inside there is a child unsure and anxious. In need of re assurance and love.

    As we are mothers ourselves, we just knew how to take care of that child with in us. Let her cry within our embrace, give her the reassurance of love without boundaries.

  2. Because life is an everyday battle and even as we emerge victorious, a part of us is tired and injured. Where do we go and who picks us up when we fall makes a difference in our lives.

  3. where do you go and who picks you up?

    You don’t have to answer… it’s a questions to all of us. I can only speculate on your answer but i’m sure it is never far from mine.

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