Walasteech EdTech!

*** PNU Main Stage

I stepped on this stage million years ago to receive my diploma in elementary education. Then I went back to take a specialization not once, but twice. Five years ago I enrolled for a graduate degree [Master of Education in Educational Technology] but I quit before I finish the course because I had other priorities.

*** Mike and Loren with Malou

When my grad school friends told me that they finally got their degrees, I was so thrilled about it and they reminded me [again and again and again] that I should go back and finish the course.

Yesterday I dropped by the university to see the summer offerings. Too bad I missed the two-day enrolment last week. But I’ll be back this coming June. April and May is such a short time. I’ll be back. Promise..

*** PNU Seal

Congratulations Mike and Loren!

Photos of Mike, Loren and Malou courtesy of Mrs. Villanueva



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