I Blog You

You know you’re a blog addict if you find this interererting.

Yes, blogs can ruin your life

April 01, 2008
Updated 18:25:48 (Mla time)
Pam Pastor
Philippine Daily Inquirer

MANILA, Philippines—The Internet-savvy should think of the past few weeks as more than just a hate fest and a gossip buffet. It is a wake-up call—and a testament to the true powers of blogging.

After countless names have been thrown around the World Wide Web and smeared with nastiness, many have expressed fear about people blogging about them.

But the truth is, you should be concerned not only with what others post about you. You should also be careful about what you post about yourself.

Read the rest of the article.

And after a very long time of being absent infront of the TV, I was glued to the tube last Wednesday at ANC watching Korina Sanchez and her guests as they talked about the Pinoys’ growing interest in blogging because of one sensational blog maintained by an Australian blogger named Brian Gorell.

Ahh.. there are blogs and there are blogs… 😉 Millions of them out there. With countless of stories to tell. I have mine too and its neither something righteous nor sensational. 🙂 Its just a story of finding a friend and keeping the friendship alive. Between blogging and everything.


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