Because I’m A Proud Aunt

And for obvious reason, I share with these beautiful and lovable children  some DNA. Another living manifestation of the phrase “improvement of the race”.


From left to right: Kiara Isabel, Victor David, Jose Roberto, Keziah Lyn and Karylle Joyce.





    Please send my best wishes to the young achievers! I am not a relative but i feel so proud of them. There is no better momment than to see young people taking pride of what they have accomplished and their dedication to learn and be on top of the game.

    I salute them!


    My simple wish for these kids is to excel in the next ladder of their studies and to make their education as one of the most important treasures and legacies that their parents can give them.

  3. HEY!!!!

    I’m a proud TITA too……
    I’ve seen these kids how they do their works, in school, all their achievements, frustrations, and the funny (wierd) moments all through out the year..

    Gee!! Come to think of it every night before i went to sleep parang mag kakasakit ako kaka ‘Talak’ sa mga batang yan.. Assignments! Reviews! Projects!

    It paid off…. I am so proud of my Gremlins…. hmmm… Li’l MONSTERS na pala sila.

  4. These smart kids will not be what they are if not for the people who love and support them. Thank God they have lots of Tita’s to lean on and be there to give them the needed nurturing and direction.

    Salute to the Titas as well!!!!

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