Snail Mail and Butterflies

This afternoon I went to the post office to drop a snail mail. There were few people and I was able to make a small talk with the stamp teller. She was accommodating and when I started snapping pictures using my cellphone, she smiled and said I should take her picture too. I told her I already did. I asked her how many days it will take for the snail mail to reach its destination and she answered probably ten working days or less since its going overseas. Ten days??! I’m counting on “less.”


The post office billboard badly needs a repainting and I wonder if the price of the stamps that I paid is enough to cover for one letter in the word “Republic.”


There are different windows for every post office transaction. Number 8 is for postage stamps.


While waiting for the stamps, these packages in the counter caught my attention. I wonder where they are headed.


The snail mail’s travel companions are the five butterflies.


Is there a tray for foreign FEMAILS? 🙂


The other snail mail is going to England.


Trays for foreign mails are picked up every thirty minutes.


The stamp teller [extreme left] entertains package senders.


This generic looking mailbox is for local mails.


I guess with this  reminder, the snail mail and the butterflies are safe from the crocodile.. 🙂 Thank you, Philippine Postal Corporation!



  1. So the postal office is now a Corporation? It is now privatized? How is the service? Did the change made any changes ?

    I’ve been to that post office twice. It’s looks very much the same frome what I remember.

    Nice pictures Jules!

  2. Its still a government agency. I cannot really tell the difference because I seldom do a post office transaction. Privately owned couriers are now a common sight and they compete against the PhilPost primarily for the speed of delivery and reliability.

    That post office looks its in a time warp but its nice chatting with stamp teller.

    The natural light gave justice to the shots. It was a good day to shoot using a cellphone camera.

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