Dearest Keesh,

Among the precious possessions that I keep are the notes you and Aya wrote to me when you were little girls. Do you remember these notes? I’m sure you’ll find each one a bit funny because your scribble then was miles away from your cursive now.


Yesterday Tita Cos told me that next week, you will graduate with honors. When I heard about it, I was so happy. I knew you’ll make it as one of the best this year. Your hard work paid off and I’m sure that everybody in the family especially your Mom and Dad are very proud of you.


Your Graduation Day is a very special occasion. You have to enjoy it and remember each moment. Embrace your friends warmly and thank your teachers wholeheartedly. Paint a lasting image of your school in your mind, an image that you will remember forever. All the things that you learned from the beginning until the end will equip you as you proceed in your further quest for knowledge.


Most of all, remember that knowledge emanates from someone who is greater than us. God gave us the opportunity to learn and experience the wonder it brings. What we can offer in return is to share it with others and use it for His greater glory. 

Congratulations, Keesh. We love you and we are so proud of you.



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