The Engineer’s E-mail

Philippine court acquits Imelda Marcos

Yesterday my friend sent me a forwarded email entitled ‘Do you still love the Philippines’. She said its a good conversation piece. Then later in the day, I saw the news about the former first lady. The things that came to my mind was nutri-bun and Voltles V. Nutri-bun was a kind of ‘nutritious’ bread rationed in public schools when we were kids. Kids knew there was more in the bread when you open it and if you’re not lucky you can’t return it once its given to you. You either have to eat or throw it away. Many of us threw a lot of nutri-buns.


And who can forget ‘Let’s bolt in! Ta-ta-ta-nan-Tan-tan!’ The classic intro of the Voltes V theme song. The cartoon series was so famous that the late president had to ban it because according to some insiders, nobody watched his press conference anymore since everybody was engrossed with the Voltes team fighting the evil Bozanians.

Twenty two years ago, we sent them packing to the land of pearly shells thinking we got rid of the evil similar to the Bozanians. But now, look at the headlines. And the current residents of the palace and how they ‘behave’.

Back to the question raised by my friend’s email, of course I still love the Philippines. I have reasons to believe that the country is not hopeless. Its just too bad that the majority of people never learned and still refuse to learn from history.



  1. Hello again,

    Your friend is right. The question is a good conversation piece. I am pretty much sure that many have a lot to say when asked…. like you…and now me. It’s really a rhetorical question. It is a question that does not need an answer because we all know the answer. We are all merely complaining. It’s like a child to his/her mother. No matter how cruel or how bad our mom.. deep inside we remember and feel how nice it was to be held by her hands and how warm her embrace is. There’s this connection between the two of you that cannot be explained. It is the same between us and our country. A connection that no green card or richness can break. Yes, I am disappointed to all that is happening to her ( my country ) but I am still her child and I will continue to hope and be behind her for as long as she allows me. I love my motherland. The people in it may have a lot to learn still but I will not be me if not for her.

  2. Hi again,

    Pinoys will survive because they’ve got what it takes to face the day to day struggle. It s tough knowing there are those who milk their blood, sweat and tears. For those who have means to pack and stay away for good, there’s no turning back and I can’t blame them. They did the right thing. At least they keep the good memories of the their old country in their hearts. And I guess that’s enough for the motherland. She can’t keep her sons and daughters forever. Some [many actually] have to leave in order to grow and what they learned from her was her lasting legacy.

    You miss your motherland. I’m sure she misses you too and she can’t wait to see you again.

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