A Week After

People at work asked me why I was in Boracay and what I did there. I told them I was in an assignment in Antique before I went to Boracay, and I did what any Boracay first timer had to do, enjoy the sun, sand and the sea. I got images to remind me forever of the beautiful island…

like the sunrise…




and the sunset..




But there are things that one couldn’t capture because there’s no need to. Like the promise I made to Our Lady when I visited her quiet place and the other things that only the heart can keep.


One more time for Boracay…

Oh ma mi miss kita… wag kang mag-alala
at ako ay babalik sa ‘yo sinta…



  1. Very nice pictures JTE! Scenes like these are very nostalgic for me. They create profusion of emotions to flow from within me. I associate sunrise with dawn and it brings out hope and anticipation of what is to come. I associate sunset with dusk and with it comes melancholy, rest and peace, acceptance of what has transpired. They both have their purpose… to put the world and the soul in balance.

    Have you ever thought of twilight during sunrise and sunset? I guess you have one picture that depicts twilight best. Twilight is a very special moment. It’s that instant in time when light and dark clashes the most. It’s either night or day… and I guess it’s a magic moment….. an eerie moment.

    Treasured moments are not only etched on paper or on pictures. Most of the precious ones are engraved in the deepest creases of our minds (and heart).

  2. Thank you! Sunrise always signifies hope and sunset, as you said acceptance and peace. I tried to imagine the first sunrise and sunset in the Genesis and I guess to describe it as heavenly is an understatement.

    I have that one twilight picture you mentioned. Its almost magical…

    The eerie twilight… even before Rod Serling popularized the cult TV anthology ‘The Twilight Zone’, its already associated with something supernatural, mysterious and the unexplained. One book I’ve read when I was young even said that fairies appear during that moment but all my twilight moments are uneventful except for that amazing show in the sky.

    You’re right about the treasured moments. Mine even have chapters. I bet yours have interesting chapters too.

  3. One famous fairy here is Mariang Makiling who dwells in Mt. Makiling . She is known to play tricks on some visitors or travelers every now and then whether its twilight or not.

    And our chapters have interesting titles, too!

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