My Dear Ones in Boracay

Boracay Island

I couldn’t take my little ones to Boracay. But wherever I go, they are always in my heart and in my mind. Even in my digital travel companion.


So in the morning of my first day here, I did something for my dear ones because I miss them so much and I wish they were here with me.


And since their names will be swept away by the gentle and tender waves. I let someone put their names to where I could “carry” them proudly around.




When I was asked to choose from the hundred designs offered by the artist, I declined. For me, there was neither word nor design worth putting in that part of my body except those of my little dear ones.



  1. Hi JTE!

    The little Angelina Jolie in you!!! It’s a henna tattoo as I can see.

    I’d like to get one too! But i’m not decided yet on what and where. This thing needs to be pondered more thoroughly.

    Enjoy yours as long as it lasts.


  2. Hi EM!

    Boracay did its wonder to me. Its henna alright and you should try to have one when you visit Boracay again. By that time, I’m sure you have thought about the design of the tattoo and where to put it.


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