Break of dawn over IloIlo City


San Jose de Buenavista, Antique

I caught an early flight to IloIlo City last Wednesday. Forty five minutes after the plane took off, this image was in my window seat. I couldn’t capture the impressive image with my digicam because of the flash. My cellfon’s camera was the last option.

It was not a perfect shot. But in the horizon, as the plane descended above the historic island of Panay, a new day was breaking. The beginning of another unforgettable adventure.



  1. Oh!! I have experience the same scene in one of my flights too. I just love being so high looking down at vast waters and mountains and valleys. Numerous islands and beaches. The eerie feeling of flight, constant rumble of the engine and the passing of clouds by the window…

    Sounds like a great adventure JTE! Immerse yourself in the moment! You deserve it!

  2. Hi JTE! I can imagine how beautiful it must be. I have had the pleasure of witnessing such magnificent panorama. And being in the sky helps elevate that sense of wonder that was felt.

    I’ve always loved flying. I miss my work in the airport which gives me opportunities to fly every once in a while.

    Have a good day!

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