Start them young

Time : February 22, 2008 / 4:30 PM 
Venue: JSES School Ground
Event : Presentation of Candidates for the JSES-Supreme Pupil Government

Half of the registered voters


The candidates



 The other candidates



Just in time for the campaign period



On February 29, the JSES pupil population will elect a new set of Supreme Pupil Government [SPG] officers for the school year 2008-2009. The governing body serves as the highest level of pupil organization in school governance in order to promote the welfare of the entire pupil population. It also serves as venue for pupils to develop their leadership and social skill. It is implemented in all public elementary schools nationwide.

As stated in DepEd Memo No. 16 Series of 2008, the proclamation of winners will be held on the same day. The conduct of elections and other relevant information are slso found in the same memorandum.



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