Uno’s expression when he tastes something delicious is mommie, atap meaning mommie masarap. He is a picky eater but last night when I fried two eggs, he ate with me and gobbled more than a half leaving me with nothing but the vegies.

Every sunday my sister makes pancakes and kids love it. At first Uno simply played with pancakes, but now he munches them like a wolf!

When I first attempted to cook a decent spaghetti, it was Jed who relished the success of the yummy pasta [thanks to a friend’s recipe plus a faith in me as a beginning spaghetti cook]. 

I didn’t hear Uno say ‘mommie atap’ when he ate the spaghetti. I guess I have to cook again to hear him say that sweet gobbledygook in my ears. 



  1. Sarap naman!! Yup, practice makes perfect! And they are growing kids…wait until they get in their teens becasue they will turn into food monsters. My son is currently in this state and he gobbles up everything, sleeps alot and still maintains his weight. I wonder where those food goes to!

    So, by the time your boys get into their teens, mommy will be a superb cook. They can very well eat all they want and more!

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