Bring Me Tales


It is not unusual for pupils to bring toys,  gadgets, something alive, something gross and something dangerous to school. Pupils think school is an extension of their home where they can play when the teacher is not looking.

Yesterday, somebody gave me two tiny water pistols. It was confiscated by another teacher. The water pistols were full of water and I pulled the trigger of one pistol to see how it worked. I asked who owned it and a boy raised his hand. I told him I’d return the toys after the class if he can promise not to bring them again. He said he won’t bring the toys in the class ever again.

Several years ago, as I entered one class, I heard chirping of a bird. I asked about it and the class pointed to one boy named Michael. I asked him if he knows where the chirping is coming from. He opened his bag and finally showed me a pink little chick. It was chirping alright and probably looking for the mother hen. He told me that he got the chick from a street vendor. It was not yellow [the usual color], because it was smothered with water-based paint. I didn’t confiscate it. I told him not to put the chick inside his bag because it might die. The chirping did disturb the class.  

In another class, not mine. A sixth grader thought he could hide what he brought. While the class was on going, a gunshot was heard. It turned out that the boy [an orphan who was adopted by cops] brought a caliber .38 and it accidentally fell on the floor. The teacher and the class freaked out. The guidance counselor and the school principal talked to the boy’s guardian. And after a careful discussion, the guardian decided to pull the boy out of the class permanently.

I can’t remember any unusual object that I brought to class when I was in gradeshool except some Voltes V coloring books that was sought after at that time. I showed them to my classmates but kept them away from my teachers.

How about you? What did you bring?



  1. Hi JTE. I guess you need to set up a “Show & Tell” time for your class. It’s a good way of allowing the kids to bring something interesting without being sneaky or covert. It will also allow them to excercise their confidence in speaking in front of class and of telling stories. Isn’t it a good idea?? just a suggestion coz I just love show and tell. But you have to properly control it so it won’t get too outlandish or even yet become a ground for “payabangan”.


  2. We have that, Em. Those that are related to our lessons and those S&T that tells something about each pupil. But sometimes, kids are really eager to bring something even if there’s no S&T event. Ingats din to you!

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