Night and day in Taal, Batangas


It took me four hours to reach Taal, Batangas from Buendia, Pasay City. It was my first time to visit the place and I asked the bus conductor three times to tell me exactly where to get off. There were less than ten passengers in the bus when I finally reached my destination. The first thing I saw was a luminous cross from afar. There was no one around except one tricycle driver who asked me if I wanted a ride. Seconds later, I heard someone calling my name. It’s the person who invited me to be there.


The next morning, before I did the task assigned to me, I was able to stroll around the area. Taal Basilica is one of its major attractions. Rich in cultural heritage, it is considred as a religious bastion of the place. 


Before I leave, I took this shot. The night was fast approaching. And the luminous cross of this hallowed edifice began to give its silent but powerful radiance.



  1. Very nice pictures! I wonder if the church interior is as significant as the facade. Is it your first time to go in the church?? You know you are entitled for one wish if it is your first time. So, I hope you wished something sweet and romantic…hehe

    have agood day Jules! I love your entries!!!


  2. The interior is very significant. I guess I need to include the shot I took inside. It was my first time to go in that Basilica. I’m sure I’ve made a wish but I can’t remember now!! What I remember are the prayers that I prayed.

    Thank you Em! Have a good one too!

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