Kong Hei Fat Jed


Jodrian Alexander, aka Jed, Jedboy, Jedong, Bodedeng


Favorite stuff toy: Garfield
Favorite wrestling partner: Kuya Uno
Favorite dance music: Marimar, ah!
Favorite aunt: Tita Meme
Favorite food: Anything that is edible, he eats without thinking
Favorite past time: Sleeping, going around the house acting as if he’s a ground inspector while talking gibberish to himself, to his Kuya Uno, to his cousins, or to his imaginary friends
Favorite hug and kisses giver: His one hot momma!



  1. Thank you! The current hearthrob of Lola isn’t just cute but sweet and articulate. His total number of vocabulary is more or less five words: dirteee, lagot kaaa, dedeee, wala naaa, and momeee.

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