S’yempre ikaw lang…


The line came from a TV ad that became popular in the early 1990s. I forgot what it’s all about except for the two boys who were saying goodbye to each other. The first one asked “Sino ang best friend mo doon?” [Who is your best friend there?] and the other boy answered “Syempre ikaw lang” [Only you, of course]. When my older sister got married, I wrote her a letter and put the same lines at the end of the letter. She told me that it made her cry. I wondered if it was the letter or the popular lines. Now she’s in another place, far from us and from her little angels. I know she has friends there, but I wonder who is the best of them all.

I have a friend who is leaving today to seek a greener pasture. I have a friend who is planning to leave in the future. And I have a friend who is simply away because she needs to find a way.

To them, all I can say is… Sino ang best friend mo doon?



  1. hello Jules..

    Friends…specially bestfriends are not confined by physical boundaries. One of the sacrifices that we have to endure when we left home is to be physically far from dear friends. but in mind and in heart they are close for they are part of ourselves.

    Sometimes… it is hard to find true friends in a foreign place where people are just indifferent….but still manage to find one beyond vast oceans…

    such is friendship… an entity existing irrespective of place and time.

  2. Hello Ems…

    Friends come in all forms and shapes, and they can be described in a thousand ways. Some people prefer analog over digital friends. As for me, physical representation is immaterial. What matters is what the heart and mind understand.

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