Uno’s first trip to BOOKSALE (SM City-Dasmarinas) was uneventful. He didn’t point his finger to the shelves and say ‘book’ as he used to do at home when he wanted to get one. As I rummaged throught the stacks, he clutched a book or two. He didn’t show any interest as he dropped what he’s holding everytime I call his name. Once or twice, he bumped some paperbacks arranged vertically but he managed to fixed them (with my help, of course) properly.

The children’s book are displayed out of Uno’s reach and I wasn’t able to show him some nice stuff which I’m sure he’ll find attractive (the color, cover, illustrations, etc).

I found Edna St. Vincent Millay’s Collected Sonnets and Margaret Atwood’s Booker Prize winning novel, The Blind Assasin.

Before going home, we dropped by Wendy’s for Uno’s french fries (one of his favorites).

Books for mommie and french fries for the little laddy in one fine Saturday afternoon.


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