13 + 2

The lucky 13 RN Patterson’s books stashed in our battered bookshelf exposed my psyche to a world of law and order. He created unforgettable characters who used the law to measure his or her capacity to achieve impossible objectives. One unique quality of Patterson’s work was his ability to let his protogonists cross over from one plot to another. And he is absolutely correct when he said reading his books was not easy.

The lucky 13 are waiting for Exile and The Race to complete my law and order collection.

Quotable Quotes…

We’ve become so provincial, that we’ve both at risk of becoming like the heroines of an English Gothic novel, so earnest and unadorned that no one will read our pages. A tragedy for us and the world alike.

Lawyers don’t believe in anything. Because belief is pointless. I, and the law, presume your innocence. My job is simply to preserve the presumption.

As a friend of mine once said, “I love my children too much already to give them a mother like me.

The Final Judgement/Caroline Masters, Richard North Patterson


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