1,001 Objections


Searching for Richard North Patterson’s other bestsellers in my favorite bookstore BOOKSALE (SM City Dasmarinas Branch) two weeks ago, I’ve found a book about cartooning, Carol Shield’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel The Stone Diaries, and Scott Turow’s One L,

Described as the turbulent true story of a first year at Harvard Law School. This non-fiction account of ST’s life as freshman law student is described as a law school primer and a classic autobiographical account. The first eleven pages got me hooked.

I still feel the lawyery wind blown by RN Patterson’s novels, perhaps it’s the presumption that I was an excellent prosecutor in my previous life. In this lifetime, I can only wonder how it feels to be a lawyer. But if I can’t be a lawyer, why not a mother of a lawyer? Will it be Uno or Jed? Anyone will do.

Yesterday we had a meeting with our new chief. There’s a decision to be made and she sought our help. We gave options and waited for the best resolution.

When people are comfortable in some aspects of their existence, whether professionally, economically, emotionally or others, a tip on the balance scale sends quiver on their spine. When the perceived balance is altered and change becomes inevitable, they either become defensive and at times functionally ineffective, or rise above the challenge and turned out to be the best.

In baseball it’s the rookie year. In the navy it is boot camp. In many walks of life there is a similar time of trial and initiation, a period where newcomers are forced to be the victims of their own ineptness and when they must somehow master the basic skills of the profession in order to survive.

– Scott Turow, One L


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