Channel Surfing


People on TV seem to live a very interesting, adrenaline pumped lives. I took a DH quiz on the ABC website and the result said I’m the Gabby of the DH! Must me my subconscious taking the quiz. I never take DH seriously but now I’m hooked.

I first learned about GA before I gave birth to Jed but I never got a chance to watch it because then, I shared the TV set with my hubby and he’s not into drama series. Now, I can watch the TV series regularly, still share the TV set, but with the rest of the people at home sans the hubby.

My “The X-Files” days are long way gone. Mulder and Scully are now fragments of my amazing TV memory. I used to have two X-Files books to satisfy my appetite for paranormal, Mulder’s endless search for the truth and Scully’s infinite skepticism. Someone must have gotten the book and forgot totally about it.

I got hooked to “CSI” for a while, mostly for its intelligent plot and technical superiority in crime solving. But other things got in the way so I dropped it from my “must-see-on-TV” agenda.

“Desperate Housewives” and “Grey’s Anatomy” re-establish my cravings for the tube for an hour each every Monday and Thursday. The rest of the time, my very own reality TV minus the camera, starring my two sons and me as the director taking cue from The Producer.


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