20140419_080946First page of Cien Anos de Soledad, One Hundred Years of Solitude. Translated from Spanish by Gregory Rabassa.

Gabriel García Márquez, Conjurer of Literary Magic, Dies at 87
by Jonathan Kandell, NY Times

Gabriel García Márquez, Nobel laureate writer, dies aged 87
by Richard Lea and Jo Tuckman, The Guardian

“She was so sure of herself, so anchored in her solitude..”
Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Because you have watched five seasons in one week. Fictionally saturated your brain. And your favorite scene is not on the list.

Ann Patchett at Fresh Air


Saved by the book

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The Book Thief (C) 2005 by Markus Zusak
Date Acquired: November 25, 2013
Reading Life: November 25-December 27, 2013




The idea of ‘Piso para sa Libro’ (peso for a book) is not to acquire another book unless the ‘bottle bank’ is full.

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Nelson Mandela on children

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“Children bring you down to mother earth instead of floating high; that’s one advantage of associating with them. And children can be very frank; they correct some mistakes that you have made in the past.”